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Full text of "Deed, Perez Morton to Jonathan Morton, 1801"

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To all People to vohom thefe Prefents Jhall come : Greeting. 

•TZNOW YE THAT f #U*g J%r>^ '^SZi&ZJh: * 

For and in confideration of the Sum of f™^ /c~~s^-* ~-~v u^~~vUf ^-n, tr**^*, 

current Money of the Commonwealth aforefaid, to -t-^-*~ in Hancl, paid 

before the enfealing hereof, by jfir*^&£^„ ^W*^£^. ^ ^^^^^t^C^S 


the receipt whereof J? do hereby acknowledge and s*-<rr> fully 

JTatisfied, contented, and paid, HAVE given, granted, bargained, fold, aliened, releafed, 
conveyed and confirmed and by theie Prefents, do freely, clearly and abfolutely give, 
grant, bargain* fell, alien, releafe, convey and confirm, unto ><lU-~ the faid 

0r~~J£^ Stl*^- ?to - - HeifS and Affi S nS f01eVer ' 



4, g&/^~ t^^~^*- 



and Privileges 

ND TO qpLD the before grant 
thereto belonging, to >£v~ 

ed Pretmfes, withttiie Appurtenance? 
the faid 

witi^tiie App a.- c:: *^ 

Heirs and Afligns : To V^C and 

Behoof forevermore, And <y the faid 

■£fc<^nr own proper Ufe, Benefit and 

&L-?.-tf5 t^Ptty^fcrx, /+~r m~*f ^1^ "*~^Z 

Heirs, Exeeutors and Adminiflrators, do covenant, Promife and grant unto and with 
the faid ^^->-w*v^5C~-~» a/W*-ir£r-n. 

._ y/c^r Heirs and afligns forever. That 

before and until the enfealing hereof J? *>->-* the true, fole, proper and lawful 
Owner and PoflefTor of the before granted Premifes, with the Appurtenances. And 
have in -j-*-^ c*^4^ ^~ g°°d Right, full power and la wfuf Authority to give, 
grant, bargain, fell, aliene, releafe, convey and confirm, the fame as aforefaid ; and 
that free and clear, and fseely and clearly executed, acquitted and difcharged of and 
from all former and othe£ Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leafes7Mortgages, Wills, 
Intails, Joyntures, Dowries, Thirds, Executions, and Incumbrances whatfoever. 

AND FURTHERMORE, # the faid {/U.*.£ jtf&y£^ for 

^>w T^t-r^Z Heirs, Executors and Adminiflrators, do hereby Covenant, Promife 
atfd EngagcfRe before granted Premifes, with the appurtenances, unto >&»->-. 
the faid ^£>^wz3£x~~ o/ptiry^^^. 

^u* Heirs, and Afligns forever to Warrant, Secure and Defend 
againft the lawful claims and Demands of any perfon or perfons whatfoever. la jl£ 
Witnefs whereof £? have hereunto fet *r*~-f Eland and Seal, this ,£*&* 

jr~-~/ ^ *7**-*~£r~ »-^-*— _ in th^^Year of our Lord, one thoufand 

eighfnundred *-**^r ^rx->~ 

Signed, fealed, and delivered, in prefence of 

-y, \^-J 





y^ /£, &t^ <>u/~~~3- tf^J- 



i-r\stJpR- y 

<£y< &